How Dare They Make an American Pie Movie Without Eugene Levy

Jim and his parents in the original American Pie movie.
Jim and his parents in the original American Pie movie. / Getty Images/Getty Images

Did you know they made an American Pie movie and Eugene Levy wasn't involved? This year just doesn't stop, folks. Today American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules is available on demand and apparently on DVD. What's more shocking: that they're making American Pie movies more than two decades after the original, or that Jim's dad isn't involved? Having a hard time answering? That's because both are equally shocking.

While perusing IMDB, I saw a trailer for American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules, a female-led American Pie movie. Like any progressive human, I support the gender swap. According to IMDB trivia, this is the first American Pie film to feature a female Stifler. That's even more progressive! We are just breaking barriers and glass ceilings all over the place.

Now, I want to say that I am not here to judge the movie's merits as a film. I haven't seen it. I just want to share what I felt was a very jarring fact - this is the first American Pie-branded movie that does not feature Eugene Levy. That's right, 21 years, three sequels and four spin-offs after the original, they made a movie with American Pie in the title that doesn't feature Jim's dad.

Now, do I know Jim's dad's name without looking it up? No.

Have I seen any of the previous spin-offs? No.

Did I witness some preteens throw up in a showing of American Wedding when Stifler ate the dog poop? Yes.

Have I been waiting a decade to share that experience in a blog post? Yes.

Do I still have fond memories of the original American Pie series? Yes.

Did I have an equally great time looking at the Wikipedia pages of the American Pie Presents series? Yes.

Apparently, Bill Murray was "considered" for the role of JIm's dad. What does "considered" mean? Who cares? The entire franchise would have died right there, despite how wonderful Murray is, because Levy is the perfect father. And he is apparently the connecting thread of the entire franchise. At least he was until the latest APP movie was released.

In the first American Pie Presents film, Band Camp, Jim's dad appears as the "MACRO (Morale And Conflict Resolution Officer) at a band camp attended by Stiffler's little brother, Matt. Presumably, he advises him on sex and relationships. Saying it out loud seems incredibly inappropriate, but that's the whole M.O. of the series, right?

In the second spin-off, The Naked Mile, there is a third Stifler named Erik and Jim's dad appears as Stifler family friend, Noah Levenstein. (And now we know his name. Thanks Wikipedia!) Then, on the Wikipedia page for the third spin-off, Beta House, we learn that Stifler and Jim's fathers are alumni of Beta House at The University of Michigan. (No way this happens during the Harbaugh era.)

Yes, there was also another APP movie called The Book of Love, which sounds kind of like a reboot where a new generation of high school kids find that book from the original movie, which was apparently written by Jim's dad? Can you believe this movie you didn't see came out in 2009? American Reunion came out a few years later. It has been 8.5 years since there was a movie that came out with the American Pie branding. Over a decade since the last spin-off.

So where's Levy? I hope he turned it down because how can you call it an American Pie movie without Levy? He was on the cover of every spin-off. He's Eugene Levy! Everyone loves him.

Eugene Levy owns American Pie. He ad-libbed all the lines in the original. He made the movie and set the tone for the series. Well, Levy and Blink-182. It just seems weird that you could call a movie American Pie if Jim's dad isn't involved. It's like doing a Fast & Furious movie without Vin Diesel. It shouldn't happen.