Steven Cohen Tweets About New York Post Story on His Tweeting

Steve Cohen and Mr. Met
Steve Cohen and Mr. Met / David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

The New York Mets have had a roller coaster of a season and yet, with a few weeks left to play, remain in the race for the NL East crown. They're 5.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves and, if things break right in the near future, could make their final push in the last series of the year against Atlanta. Mets fans' hopes are hanging by a thread but it isn't over yet.

That does not eliminate the dysfunction that has plagued the team all year. Part of that dysfunction is rooted in owner Steven Cohen's propensity to tweet whatever he is thinking about his squad at any given time. It is good for the game to have owners like Cohen invested in the on-field success of their squad, but maybe not when it leads to openly questioning why his own players are bad.

The New York Post published an article on this topic today. Beat reporter Mike Puma said Cohen's tweeting habit would inhibit their search for a competent president of baseball operations. Cohen read the article and did the only logical thing: he tweeted about it.

Specifically, Cohen offered to bring anyone who could guess the source in Puma's article to a game and would let them sit in the owner's box with him.

Since Puma uses two sources in his article, it is unclear which Cohen is referring to. A former MLB executive told Puma the value of the team has "gone backwards" under Cohen's watch in the last year and shared further thoughts on the damage Cohen is doing, while another team source said Sandy Alderson would prefer to keep Luis Rojas as manager next year. It is probably the former that Cohen asked his followers to expose, even if the latter is a more important piece of information that will surely infuriate the masses of Queens.

The biggest takeaway here is that nothing will stop Steven Cohen from tweeting.