Mets Owner Steven Cohen Openly Complains About Team's Hitting Woes on Twitter

Pete Alonso
Pete Alonso / Rich Schultz/Getty Images

This year was supposed to be different for the New York Mets. An exciting young offensive core buoyed by the big-name acquisition of Francisco Lindor combined with a weak NL East meant the Mets looked like they were finally back. Add in the fact that new owner Steven Cohen seemed willing to do everything the Wilpon family would not, and things were looking up.

Then the season actually started and all hopes and dreams fell apart at the seams. The high of the Mets' season to this point was Pete Alonso's Home Run Derby win. The team currently sits at 59-60, good for third place in the division. Lindor started off the year in a brutal slump and has improved slightly but still isn't quite performing to the level his salary suggests he can. Given they're only five games behind the division-leading Braves, there is theoretically hope for a playoff push in the last month of the year, but nothing the Mets have done in recent weeks inspires that sort of hope.

Cohen, meanwhile, has been the most Online owner in the league (except for the time he briefly deleted his account) and has remained steadily optimistic despite the very low lows of watching the Mets play baseball this year. Something in the man broke on Wednesday morning, though. Cohen logged on and decided today was the day he was going to wonder why the Mets were so bad.

This is hilariously ridiculous on numerous levels. Going on Twitter to ask the world why his employees are so bad at their jobs is Dave Portnoy-level boss strategy. There is nobody with a more direct line of communication to the powers-that-be in the Mets' clubhouse than the owner, and yet Cohen decided tweeting out his frustrations was the best route to take.

Then you remember Cohen is worth more money than any other owner in MLB and baseball is by far the easiest sport to fix problems by simply throwing money at them. Cohen is embodying the I Think You Should Leave meme with this tweet.

There is still time for the Mets to turn it all around. But when the owner starts complaining about OPS and slugging percentages on the bird app, it's hard to see it happening.