Steve Spurrier Wants To Pay College Football and Basketball Players

By Ty Duffy

The SEC and ESPN are announcing a new mega deal that will bring yet more television revenue to major college athletics departments. South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier, never one to pull a punch, wonders when some of that money will trickle down to “the performers.”

"“As the commissioner and the presidents and the athletic directors all say, we are going to make a whole lot more money,” Spurrier said. “My question is, ‘When are we going to start giving a little bit of it to the performers?’ Football and basketball players. It won’t do any good probably, but I’m going to still keep yelling for them. They bring in an awful lot of money for all of us.”"

Spurrier has called for players to be given a stipend of around $3,000 to $4,000 per season in the past. He has offered to pay that out of his own pocket. NCAA plans to include a $2,000 stipend have stalled. Bob Stoops, who earns $88,000 per week in base salary, thinks players could learn something from a little hunger.

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