Stephen A. Smith, Mike Greenberg Invade 'Pat McAfee Show' to Argue About Florida State


Pat McAfee and his crew are broadcasting from ESPN's studios in New York City on Monday and that left the perfect opportunities for some company crossovers. In the middle of McAfee's show, two big-name walk-ons happened that had people talking. First, Stephen A. Smith showed up, followed by Mike Greenberg.

Stephen A. and Greeny got into it over the College Football Playoff committee's decision to leave undefeated Florida State out of the championship chase and McAfee looked like he was loving the debate.

Here's Stephen A. popping on to discuss some NFL stuff:

McAfee tossed in some positive staff about the Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys just to rile Stephen A. up a bit:

Some Philadelphia Eagles-Cowboys talk and Smith's thoughts on Big Dom:

Smith supported the CFP committee's decision to leave Florida State out. Greeny popped on and wasn't having it.

The argument continued with McAfee just enjoying the hell out of it:

Then Greeny welcomed McAfee's team to the set and reminded everyone it was his idea to bring McAfee to ESPN. McAfee was incredibly gracious about it:

Greeny had a lot to say about Michigan and Alabama:

More on Florida State:

Greenberg dropped a bomb about Jim Harbaugh:

Adam Schefter joined the convo:

It was a crazy segment completely worthy of McAfee's show. Three of ESPN"s biggest personalities on the same set arguing about sports.