Booger McFarland: Alabama Making College Football Playoff Is a 'Travesty to the Sport'

Booger McFarland
Booger McFarland /

The College Football Playoff Committee sent the NCAAF world into chaos on Sunday when they elected to place 12-1 Alabama in the fourth and final CFP spot over 13-0 Florida State. The controversial decision is a pure distillation of why nobody is happy with the way the Playoff teams are selected. The Seminoles went undefeated and played good opponents along the way, yet were not given the chance to compete for a national title because the committee arbitrarily ruled Alabama is the better and therefore more deserving team.

Most of the ESPN personalities participating in the selection show on Sunday defended the committee's decision with all sorts of convoluted logic and excuses. Booger McFarland did not, calling it "a travesty to the sport."

Booger is speaking for the masses here. It is almost certainly true that Alabama is a better team than Florida State in a vacuum considering the latter lost its star quarterback weeks ago but these decisions are not supposed to be made in a vacuum. It's not a matter of who would win if they faced off on an even playing field. It's about the whole body of work and in college football an undefeated resume from a Power 5 team is supposed to be impeachable. Not this time, apparently.

Travesty or no, few neutral viewers will complain about the matchups we now get for the CFP. Michigan-Alabama is going to be several times more exciting than Michigan-FSU sans Jordan Travis would've been. But process matters and it's a shame Florida State got shafted like this.

If you feel the same it's best to nurse the fiery anger you have in your heart for as long as you can because this is the last year anybody is going to get super worked up about this. Next season will introduce the 12-team playoff which would render this entire exercise quite a bit less meaningful. Enjoy it while you can.