The Fellas Have Been Texting Stephen A. Smith About Kimberley Martin


If you missed First Take this morning then you missed the breaking news that people are now allowed to say that Dak Prescott is the best quarterback in the NFL right now while on camera. This is a stunning turn of events because it was not long ago that Prescott was being called straight-up "ass" and forcing a grown man to repeatedly throw a jersey in the trash for the sake of content.

You also missed a conversation about the Buffalo Bills' struggles and how much Josh Allen is to blame for them, which took an odd turn at the end as Stephen A. Smith cleared out and ran some iso to discuss the fellas out there who apparently texting him about his deskmate Kimberley Martin.

"You can't have her," Smith said. "You're bums. Okay? You know you're dogs. Stop texting me about trying to get with Kimberley Martin. It ain't happening. Enough."

Not something you see or hear too often. Marcus Spears was glad someone said it. Martin didn't engage much with it and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, who was supposed to retire weeks ago but didn't, looked like he'd rather be discussing the 1981 New York Giants offensive line. Then they had to go to commercial.

Busy morning.

It would be illuminating to know just how many texts about his colleague's relationship situation Smith is receiving. Seems like it would have to be a fair amount if it needed to be addressed at the end of a block. So everyone stop texting him because there's no need for this to get any weirder.