Stephen A. Smith is 'Disgusted' With the NBA After Draymond Green Suspension

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

Draymond Green is yet again the dominating topic of NBA discussion today after the NBA announced he was suspended for Game 3 of the Golden State Warriors-Sacramento Kings series. Green's stomp of Domantas Sabonis has been defended by quite a few high-profile personalities due to the fact that Sabonis started it and that defense only grew more aggressive after Green's suspension. Jay Williams was driven to making an incoherent point while waving toilet paper around on ESPN this morning. When First Take aired, it was Stephen A. Smith's turn.

Smith opened the A block by explaining that he is not only disappointed, but disgusted by the decision and the NBA. He obviously does not believe Green should've been suspended, arguing that he needed to do something far more egregious to justify missing a playoff game and that it is a damn shame we're sitting here talking about it instead of looking forward to the actual game.

It's very nice that Stephen A. believes we would not be talking about Draymond Green right now if he didn't get suspended. I would like to live in that reality instead of the one where Green is getting multiple hours' worth of coverage no matter what happens because he stirs the drink of controversy.

I am just stunned by all this. Does Stephen A. know that players have gotten suspended in the playoffs for much, much less in far more important games? Why the need to point out Sabonis did wrong, too? Everyone knows that! Nobody is defending him grabbing Green's leg! But instead of, you know, falling down or something to draw a foul he took a second to consider and then put his entire weight on Sabonis' chest. It was calculated. And as per the below video it is entirely possible to escape somebody's grasp without doing that.

Above all, I can't believe that so many people are going on television to shill for Draymond Green. The guy lost the benefit of the doubt approximately five nutshots ago. He pushes and pushes and pushes the limit of what he's allowed to do and this time he pushed too far. Consequences of the territory he chooses to claim. Yet Smith and others are screaming that he did not deserve this because... another guy started it?

Here's an idea-- Draymond would not have gotten suspended if he did not step on another player's chest on purpose, scream obscenities at the crowd while waiting to get thrown out, and then go into his postgame press conference complaining it was not his fault. If he does not want to get suspended again, he should not do any of those things. Seems simple for pretty much everybody else in the NBA. But not him, and that's why he won't play.