Stephen A. Smith: Celtics Docked Ime Udoka Half His Pay

Liam McKeone
Ime Udoka
Ime Udoka / Elsa/GettyImages

There is still not much information publicly available regarding the Boston Celtics' suspension of Ime Udoka for a full season. All we really know is that there was some sort of workplace relationship between Udoka and another member of the organization that violated organizational rules to the extent the Celtics felt they had to bring the hammer down. Udoka is being replaced by Joe Mazzulla for this year and Boston's brain trust told the media they'd figure out Udoka's future when his suspension is up next summer.

Stephen A. Smith has been very vocal in his belief that Udoka is getting railroaded, both in that there are "plenty of white folks" doing similar things with no repercussions and that the Celtics aired dirty laundry that the public had no business knowing. Smith appeared on The Breakfast Club today to reiterate those stances and revealed a new piece of information-- sources told Smith that the Celtics docked half of Udoka's pay to go along with his suspension.

This is new information. The Celtics said he would face a "significant" financial penalty but didn't give any specifics. Udoka's salary isn't public but Front Office Sports speculated he would make around $3 million per year as a first-time head coach, which seems about right. If that is the case then Udoka is out over a million dollars.

A significant financial penalty indeed.