Sorry Haters, Tom Brady Will Never Retire

Tom Brady after Super Bowl LV.
Tom Brady after Super Bowl LV. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Michael Strahan interviewed Tom Brady at Disney World recently. The interview aired on Good Morning America on Wednesday. Brady relived the boat parade and explained that he is still fueled by the haters.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady Celebrates Super Bowl LV Victory at Walt Disney World Resort / Handout/Getty Images

"I was always kind of motivated by people that say 'you can't do it.' You know, 'you're not good enough, you're not fast enough, not big enough, you're not [a] good enough arm,'” Brady told GMA." "I've had a body of work over a period of time, so you know, you just say, hey [and] quickly you forget."

"I think that's a great part about football. It's not really about what you did last year, it's kind of what you're going to do this year, so for me, it was what I was going to do for the Bucs last year. I still feel that way."

Brady, who is 21 years and seven Super Bowls in, is still motivated by doubters. You hate to see it. Just like you would hate to try to coordinate the Brady family vacation itinerary. In addition to Disney World, the Brady family has gone skiing and visited Costa Rica and the Middle East since the Super Bowl parade ended. Let's hope the haters have also had a chance to recharge their batteries because it doesn't sound like Brady has an intention of walking away anytime soon. During the interview he told Strahan that even if he has nothing left to prove, he simply still wants to play.

We're never getting rid of this guy.