Tom Brady Goes Absolutely Bananas In Locker Room After Winning Seventh Super Bowl

Kyle Koster
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady may be 43 years-old and firmly cemented as the most successful athlete in team sports since Bill Russell, but don't think for a second that his enthusiasm for the game and the fruits of victory have dissipated one iota. All of the hard work in the offseason, the intense diet, and anti-aging procedures are aimed at one goal: winning yet another Super Bowl and then partying like there's no tomorrow.

Touchdown Tom was in his typical championship form late last night after piloting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers past the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. And thankfully, there's footage from the locker room showing just how buck-wild the living legend got post-win.

Wow. It usually takes a mid-forties guy going to Las Vegas to lose all his inhibitions like that. Here's hoping he paced himself or he's going to wake up today with a wicked hangover and fuzzy memories.

But then again, if you can't go Full Party Animal with Rob Gronkowski after winning sports' biggest prize, then when can you?

Good on Brady for living his best life. For dancing like no one's watching. For loving like he's never been hurt. For singing like no one's listening.