Skip Bayless Ranks Bill Walton Ahead of Steph Curry on All-Time List, Shannon Sharpe in Shock

Skip Bayless leers over Shannon Sharpe's astonishment
Skip Bayless leers over Shannon Sharpe's astonishment /

Steph Curry is in the middle of an incredible shooting run that will probably never be matched again. The greatest shooter to walk the planet is playing his best basketball in years and it's amazing to watch. Some players get hot in a game and we all expect every shot to go in. Sometimes that carries over to another game or two. Curry has been that hot for the entire month. It's poetry in motion.

It also serves as a reminder as to how damn good Chef Curry can be when he gets cooking. Between Kevin Durant joining up and injuries over the last year and a half, it was easy to forget just how ridiculous things will get when Curry is the undisputed No. 1 option and has a permanent green light. There is a difference between understanding Curry is one of the greatest players of this generation and understanding that while watching him hit 10 three-pointers in four of five games and averaging 40 points over a month's worth of contests.

Naturally, this has led to greater conversations about Curry's place in the history of the game. Everybody pretty much accepts that he is the best shooter of all time, but where he ranks among The Greats will be content fodder forever. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed that very topic today on Undisputed.

Bayless doesn't think Curry has a place on the top 10 greatest of all time list. He then began to rattle off players he believes to be better than Curry in the grand scheme of it all. He mentioned Bill Walton. Sharpe was stunned. Not like made-for-TV stunned. He was well and truly blown away by his co-host's opinion.

I legitimately laughed out loud at Sharpe's exclamation. It's like how the fortunate and normal people who don't consume this show on a daily basis react to anything Bayless says. Just an emphatic "NO!" of utter disbelief.

This is, of course, the correct reaction to such a take.