Vintage Stephen Curry Brings Out Vintage Mike Breen, 'Bangs' Abound

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Stephen Curry is not playing like the 2015 version of himself. He's simply playing like himself. Enjoying the hottest three-point shooting stretch of his illustrious career at 33, the Golden State Warriors star is having the time of his life making a late MVP push and adding to his already unbreakable record.

Last night in Philadelphia brought 49 points on 10-of-17 marksmanship from beyond the arc. It's the fourth time in the last eight days Curry has posted double-digit three-pointers made. The only other player in NBA history to have more games like that in their career is Klay Thompson, with five. Curry now has 21.

For the month of April, Curry's averaging 40.8 points per contest and has five explosions of 40-plus. From three-point land, he's 72-of-143 (.503), meaning he's pouring in 7.2 triples a night. Seven-point-two!

People expecting another shooter this brilliant to flash across their screens may never see that day come. With Curry, it's essential to appreciate the moments he's creating because there's a very good chance he's a one-of-one.

Which brings us to Mike Breen, whose stellar narration of the spell-binding brilliance was carried by pure joy and excitement. It felt as though Breen simply could not believe it as Curry drained impossible bomb after impossible bomb, taking over the game down the stretch.

If a good announcer serves as the avatar for the audience, then Breen was just that last night. He spoke for all of us, in equal parts disbelief and total belief. Just enamored with what Curry is doing, and continues to do after all of these years.

A viewer with his or her eyes closed would be forgiven for thinking it was 2015 or 2016 and the NBA Finals were on the line. Because that's sort of what this feels like. Curry may be too young for the Old Guy Still Has It treatment, but there's some serious space-time continuum stuff at play here.