Skip Bayless: Ja Morant Quoting Rap Lyrics After Last Night's Grizzlies Win 'Not a Good Sign'

Ja Morant
Ja Morant / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Ja Morant was seen at a Memphis Grizzlies game for the first time in weeks last night. Morant was permitted to return to the team for Monday evening's Dallas Mavericks game after serving his suspension from the NBA for having a gun at a strip club in Colorado. He did not play, as the team wants to gradually ramp him up back to playing shape, but he was on the bench and was giving a resounding ovation when he entered the arena.

The Grizzlies would end up winning. Kyrie Irving did not accept Dillon Brooks' jersey swap proposal. And Morant was so jacked up after the victory that he crashed Santi Aldama's postgame interview with the local team affiliate.

It is what Morant said while crashing that interview that has Skip Bayless up in arms. In case you cannot tell, Morant said, "It's a parade inside my city." Bayless did his research and found that it is from a rap song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again (AKA NBA YoungBoy) called "Fresh Prince Of Utah." As is the case with much of NBA YoungBoy's music, guns are mentioned. Bayless finds this to be a bad sign for Morant.

Bayless clearly needs to get together with Patrick Beverley, who recently blamed rap music for the way Morant has acted. Next thing you know the pair will be picketing an NWA concert.

It all seems patently absurd but this is what happens when a high-profile athlete does something dumb. The magnification is cranked up to a thousand. Everything is analyzed and over-analyzed. And it will probably continue to be this way until Morant shows something resembling actual remorse for what's happened or enough time has passed that people don't care anymore. At this stage it's a toss-up as to which comes first. Until then, be prepared for more segments like this wondering if Morant is about to go off the rails again because he shouted a rap lyric.