Reilly From 'Letterkenny' Coaches the Evil Ducks in 'Mighty Ducks: Game Changers'

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The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers will be available to stream on Disney+ on March 26th. The official trailer was released late last week and the first thing that will jump out to anyone with excellent taste in Canadian comedy is Reilly from Letterkenny as what appears to be the head coach of the Ducks.

Now, as we learned last year, the Ducks are actually bad now while Coach Gordon Bombay will be involved with Lauren Graham and the new team. So that means Reilly is the new Coach Reilly. Umm... hold on just a minute there. Are you trying to tell me that in the original movie the coach of the Hawks is Coach Jack Reilly and in the new series the coach of the evil Ducks is Reilly from Letterkenny? Is that what you're trying to tell me? That the guy who actually has won some ships both on the bench and the ice is now coaching District 5?

It would make sense that if the original coach Reilly had children, one of them might end up coaching. In fact, Dylan Playfair, the Canadian actor who plays Reilly on Letterkenny and (according to IMDB) "Coach T" on Game Changers, is the son of Jim Playfair, former NHL player and current associate head coach of the Arizona Coyotes. Seems pretty method.

So what does all this mean? First, Letterkenny and The Mighty Ducks appear to exist in a shared universe. In fact, I think that should now be considered canon for both series. Coach Jack Reilly raised a senior A whale sh-t hockey player. Sometime after the events of Season 5 of Letterkenny, Reilly begins coaching peewee hockey in America. His first name, which we never learn in Letterkenny, starts with a T. Hopefully, this will all be addressed in both Game Changers and the next season of Letterkenny.

And most importantly, hopefully Shoresy is now officiating Minnesota peewee hockey. Oh, and he better be living in Gordon Bombay and Adam Banks' old house.