Presenting the Tiger King Character Draft

Kyle Koster
Would you want to work with this man?
Would you want to work with this man? /

The Netflix documentary Tiger King has been responsible for approximately 93 percent of all non-COVID19-related online content for the past week and it shows no signs of stopping as more and more people tune in to see all the forms humanity can take. While that may change in the coming days, we simply cannot be responsible for not holding up our portion of the workload.

Today's TBL Scope takes the form of a fantasy draft as Brian Giuffra and Kyle Koster attempt to staff up their yet-to-be acquired Big Cat Park. It is quite a challenge to assemble a team that won't rip each other apart by lunch. It's even more difficult when the other person can place troublemakers behind enemy lines.

Who did a better job building out a payroll? Well, it depends what a person values.