Silvio De Sousa's Suspension is Too Light, He Should Never Play for Kansas Again

Silvio De Sousa, Kansas
Silvio De Sousa, Kansas / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Big 12 handed down suspensions for Tuesday night's disturbing Kansas, Kansas State brawl. Jayhawks big man Silvio De Sousa obviously got the biggest punishment as he's set to miss 12 games. But, frankly, Kansas should kick De Sousa off the team.

You've all seen the video and the still pictures from Tuesday night's brawl. It was horrific and is the kind of thing that should never happen in a college basketball floor. De Sousa was in the middle of it all and even picked up a stool to use as a weapon in the middle of the melee. That's completely unacceptable and a 12-game suspension doesn't come close to covering the damage done.

Before he grabbed the stool, De Sousa threw multiple punches and went after several Kansas State players before things even reached their peak.

Kansas has suspended De Sousa indefinitely for his role in the brawl, but the Big 12's suspension would end before the team's final regular season game. He'd be eligible to return for the season finale and the postseason. That can't be allowed to happen.

Bill Self has a chance to earn some of his reputation back here. It has suffered to an incredibly degree thanks to the federal investigation into college basketball corruption and the corresponding NCAA investigation that led to three Level 1 violations. He needs to boot De Sousa to show that he cares about his program's image. There is no way around it.

After his actions Tuesday night, a 12-game suspension isn't close to enough for Silvio De Sousa. He should never wear a Kansas jersey again.