Wayne From 'Letterkenny' Was In 'Godzilla' and I Suggest You Let That One Marinate

Jared Keeso in 'Godzilla.'
Jared Keeso in 'Godzilla.' /

After enjoying Godzilla vs. Kong, I thought it would be worth going back to check out the three prequel movies that led up to the epic monster movie. That meant sitting through and mostly ignoring the first Godzilla movie. What a slog that was. So many characters no one could possibly care about. So little monsters fighting. (Such few monsters fighting?)

Look, however you want to say it, there just isn't enough fighting in this movie. Especially considering you've got the toughest guy in Letterkenny right there and he doesn't fight anyone. Walk about a wasted opportunity.

Yeah, there's not much better in life than seeing somebody from Letterkenny in another piece of popular culture. Hearing Jared Keeso's voice was just the kick in the ass this movie needed. Seeing Wayne as an active American military member with longer hair than he's ever had as a Canadian farmer is possibly the funniest thing a movie could do. I mean, aside from the guy in the middle of a Godzilla attack saying, "I'm sure your wife is fine." God[zilla] that movie is bad.

Anyway, Wayne from Letterkenny is in Godzilla as "Jump Master" and if you didn't know that then you're welcome because it certainly brightened up my day. As did the realization that we never saw "Jump Master" die on screen so we should assume he still exists in the Monsterverse. I certainly wouldn't rule out his return in a future Godzilla and/or Kong movie.

Although, with three films and nearly seven full years passing since Godzilla first returned to American shores, I'm not entirely optimistic. So pitter patter.