$20 Million Robot Moves 9 Boxes, Either Quits or Dies, Is a Hero


You're kidding yourself if you don't think the masterplan for corporations is to replace all human beings with robots. That's just the way it is. A few years from now all the blog posts on The Big Lead will be written by AI and they'll probably be better. It's future we can all look forward to experiencing.

But we're not quite there yet because Big Robot has not ironed out all the bugs. Perhaps we'll never get there if these machines learn to appreciate the value of their labor and refuse to work until they are properly compensated. If that ever happens, Digit will be lauded as a working-class hero.

During a demonstration of its ability to move warehouse boxes in Chicago in late March, the Agility Robotics product said "enough of this" and simply shut down after nine repetitions.

Thank you for your very brief service. You either die a hero or do the same task 45 million times in a row before you start to wonder what your purpose is in life.

Here's hoping the growing feral force of police dog robots takes notice and calls in for their shifts as well.