These Robot Videos are the Scariest Thing on the Internet

Kyle Koster

Boston Dynamics unveiled its latest creation today and, as always, it’s terrifying in each and every way. Impressive, of course, but also the catalyst for heart-stopping fear rushing to every part of one’s body.

Watch these robotic dogs work together to open a door like some sort of Jurassic Park raptors or something. Watch it and tell me you’re not afraid.

Did these people read Fahrenheit 451 and think The Mechanical Hound was the hero? Are they banking on getting in good with the robots before the eventual turn? Honestly, that’s not a bad strategy, even if they are speeding up the inevitable.

Anyway, here’s more nightmare fuel.

Look, I’m not a complete idiot. There are clearly plenty of uses for this incredible technology. They will better people’s lives. And odds are I’ll meet my ultimate demise in a way that doesn’t include getting ripped limb from limb by an emotionless bot.

But, hey, that possibility seems a bit more likely than it did yesterday.