Do You Fear or Welcome The Delivery Robot?

Stephen Douglas

Robots replacing people is not a novel idea. As long as people could imagine robots, people have assumed they would eventually take over. This will, of course, begin with them taking jobs currently or previously held by humans and end with Terminators or something. In between now and then, here's video of a delivery robot that shows up at your house in a driverless car.

So do you welcome or fear this little guy? I mean, he brought you a package! Will you open the door as he walks away and yell, "Thank you!" Will you apologize for leaving your Razor scooter in the middle of the walkway? Will you scream at him to stay the hell off your grass? Or will you hide inside until the driverless car pulls out of the driveway and you feel safe again?

My three-year-old will be thrilled. Anytime a delivery truck goes by, it's a thrilling experience. You add in a humanoid robot walking up to the front door and you have a recipe for the greatest show on Earth. So while adults may fear the beginning of the end of man's reign on this planet, children should love the showmanship. So in conclusion, delivery robots are a land of contrast. Thank you.