Review: 'The Rehearsal,' 'The Gray Man,' 'The Rental,' and '101 Places to Party Before You Die'


Stephen Douglas Talks to Himself About 'The Rehearsal' Episode 2, 'The Gray Man' and 'The Rental'

00:30 - Intro
01:40 - 'The Rehearsal'
10:30 - Ad Break?
10:45 - Netflix's 'The Gray Man'
12:50 - 'The Rental'
17:25 - '101 Places to Party Before You Die'
19:50 - Outro


00:30 - Welcome to the very first solo episode of The Big Stream, a tape-delayed, live social audio experience brought to you by this very website. My name is Stephen Douglas and this is me trying not to wake my children while I record a podcast.

'The Rehearsal' Episode 2

1:40 - "Scion," the second episode of The Rehearsal was absolutely incredible television. I personally watched this episode four times. The episode starts like a horror movie and then becomes a comedy featuring some unbelievable laughs. The way that the Robin situation snowballed could not have been scripted any better. Of course, the real star of the episodes was the night owl who explained sasquatch liasons. I cannot wait to watch the next episode.

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10:30 - Nah, we don't have ads.

'The Gray Man'

10:45 - Netflix's latest original movie stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Billy Bob Thronton. It's a Bourne-esque action movie by the Russo Brothers. There's already been a sequel grenelit so what does it matter if it's completely unneccessary? It's happening. The question is, would Netflix's resources be better spent elsewhere? Is it better to buy the rights of a classic or create your own OK movie if you're a streaming service?

The Rental

12:50 - Dave Franco's very decent directorial debut starring Dan Stevens, Alison Brie, Sheila Vand and The Bear's Jeremy Allen White. I found this on Netflix's 90 Minutes or Less section and was entertained for exactly that many minutes.

101 Places to Party Before You Die

17:25 - TruTV in July?? That's right. The new travel show starring Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus is a fun show about two friends getting paid to eat and drink for 48 hours in different cities. It's one of my favorite genres of television.


19:50 - We will be back next week. For now, here's the TL;DR:
The Rehearsal - Must watch
The Gray Man - 2.5 stars
The Rental - 2.5 stars
101 Places to Party Before You Die - Watch and enjoy