What Happened to Emilio Estevez?

Stephen Douglas
Emilio Estevez
Emilio Estevez / Craig Barritt/Getty Images

This morning on Twitter someone brought up Emilio Estevez and his surprisingly short IMDB page. Maybe I had never really considered it because Estevez and The Mighty Ducks have been a constant part of my life for, well, most of my life. Turns out he's really only been in two movies in the last decade. He's been pretty quiet since the Mighty Ducks trilogy, which doesn't match how big of a star he's always seemed to be. It's like when Charlie Sheen killed his own career, he quietly took his brother with him.

But he didn't. In fact, Estevez just wrote, directed and starred in a movie that came out last year. It had a pretty great cast and I even remember seeing the trailer. Sure, I never saw The Public, or saw anyone ever talk about it after the trailer was released.

He even did some publicity that included an interview where he talked about his Brat Pack days. They don't even address his near Moranis-ian disappearance. It's like there isn't even a story.

Now apparently he'll be in the new Mighty Ducks series on Disney+. This isn't even new news.

So he's just going to be back, like nothing ever happened. It's fun to point out that if he's still coaching a pee wee hockey team, that will be a longer run than the Jack Riley's era with Hawks in the original Ducks movie. That's a pretty impressive career. Hopefully, this kick starts the Estevezaissance.