NFL Network Mics Pick Up Fan Screeching During Ravens-Titans Broadcast

Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

Sunday morning brought stateside NFL fans a rather ugly battle between the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans. Many field goals were kicked but only one TD was scored in the first half, and third-quarter highlights included an interception and an ejection. Some may have found their viewing experience hampered even further by the sound of one fan in the stands in London screeching whenever something good happened for the Ravens.

At least, we're pretty sure that's the root cause. The screeching was loudest early on during this Devin Duvernay kick return.

Later on, the same screeching could be heard after Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to the Baltimore defense.

An homage to the raven, perhaps? Big Edgar Allen Poe fan? Maybe just too many pints deep? Regardless, impressive set of lungs to get on the hot mic like that.

Not the most pleasant sound, but at least they're having fun.