Nick Sirianni Screamed About Chiefs Fans in Tunnel After Eagles Win

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles got some modicum of revenge for last year's Super Bowl on Monday Night Football this week, beating the Kansas City Chiefs 21-17. However sweet that revenge might've been was tempered by the fact that it was far from the best effort from either side. Jalen Hurts had 150 yards passing total on the day and the Chiefs wideouts dropped five passes, including two on the final drive that could've flipped the outcome entirely. A win is a win, of course, but it wasn't exactly victory lap-worthy for Philly.

Which did not stop Nick Sirianni from both hooting and hollering on his way out of town. The NBC Sports Philadelphia TikTok page sent out video of Sirianni walking down the tunnel after the game screaming about Chiefs fans before bellowing "SEE YA!"

What a set of lungs on the man. Good lord. I guess being able to project one's voice should be a prerequesite for a football coach but it's different seeing it in action. His proclamations are probably still echoing in the Arrowhead Stadium tunnels.

There is definitely no coach more willing to talk trash to fans after wins than Sirianni. Especially when he has some extra skin in the game as opposed to just being pumped about winning. Last year he got up on a bench and yelled at Colts fans about Frank Reich. This time it seems he's taking great pleasure in shutting Chiefs fans up.

Of course, Kansas City is enjoying the last laugh for a while yet. Fans will not stop reminding Sirianni about that Super Bowl anytime soon. No matter how loud he yells.