Nick Bosa Injured While Standing on Sideline in Bizarre Play

Nick Bosa gets hurt
Nick Bosa gets hurt /

The NFC Championship Game got off to an insanely weird start, featuring a wild catch that shouldn't have counted but did and a Josh Johnson appearance due to a Brock Purdy injury. Things got crazier when Nick Bosa somehow managed to get hurt on a punt return while standing on the sideline.

The San Francisco 49ers were forced to punt after their first series without Purdy. During the return, a Niners special teamer threw an Eagles special teamer onto the ground near San Francisco's sideline and accidentally leg-whipped Bosa. It was very strange.

I have never seen that happen before on an NFL sideline to anybody, much less the superstar pass-rusher without whom the defense will struggle to get any stops. An absurdly unlucky sequence for Bosa and his team.

He still got onto the field for the following possession and forced the Eagles to punt again, but limped off afterwards. Not great.