Brock Purdy Injured, Replaced By Josh Johnson After Strip Sack

Liam McKeone
Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy /

The San Francisco 49ers got off to an absolutely disastrous start during Sunday's NFC Championship Game. They gave up a touchdown on the first drive of the game to the Philadelphia Eagles because Kyle Shanahan did not challenge a fourth down DeVonta Smith catch that was clearly incomplete. Then the Niners turned it over on their first drive because they asked a tight end to block Haason Reddick, who recorded 16 sacks this year.

Reddick came screaming around the corner and drilled rookie sensation Brock Purdy to cause a fumble. Unfortunately for San Francisco Reddick hit him so hard that Purdy got hurt and was replaced by Josh Johnson on the next drive.

At the time of writing Purdy is questionable to return with an elbow injury. And yes, it's that Josh Johnson, the king of journeymen who has played for 14 NFL teams. Now he gets his playoff chance as the Niners go down to their fourth-string quarterback.