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NFL Week 5 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

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The first month of the NFL season wrapped up on Monday with the Niners' win over the Rams. Liam McKeone and Kyle Koster are disappointed to report their picks record to open the year is subpar. But Bill Belichick always says you don't really know what kind of team you have until November and Liam and Kyle plan to keep true to that mindset. October is for chipping away at the hole dug before turning the whole ship around when the moment is right. Liam and Kyle head into this week with a 26-36-1 record and plan to be better.

Here are the Week 5 NFL picks and predictions against the spread (all odds via WynnBet).

BRONCOS (-3.5) over COLTS

Javonte Williams is out for the year and Jonathan Taylor is hurt and apparently forgotten. Thus, a battle between two QBs who appear to be beyond washed will commence on TNF. We don't know why you'd watch this game, but if you plan on it, take the home team. Broncos 23, Colts 17


It's tough to predict London games, but they generally tend to be closer than one would expect. That won't be the case this week. Daniel Jones has a bum ankle and the Giants were forced to use Saquon Barkley at wildcat for the last few possessions last week. The Packers are still figuring it out but should roll over a banged-up Giants team with ease, no matter who's taking the snaps. Packers 30, Giants 17


Is 14 a lot of points? Yes. But the Bills are finally back home after two down-to-the-wire victories and they should dominate in Buffalo. The Steelers are not equipped to take advantage of the Bills' secondary issues and it's unclear who will even start under center. This one will be over early. Bills 37, Steelers 20


Justin Herbert seems fine, which is great news for his team, but the Chargers can't seem to shake their habit of coming close to losing games they have no business losing. The Browns are feisty and competitive if anything. We'll lean towards home-cooking and a win for Cleveland. Browns 27, Chargers 24


The Bears are downright awful and the Vikings are playing at home in a 1pm game. Kirk Cousins thrives in such situations. Vikings 30, Bears 20


We just can't quit the Lions. The Patriots put up a great fight against Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field, probably fired up by the "us against the world" mentality that Bill Belichick has put to good use for so long. Such motivation does not exist for a home game against the Lions. Who have been extremely competitive and dominant on the ground. New England's issues at linebacker will be glaring once more and Jared Goff will put up a fight even if he's missing a few key skill position guys again. Lions 27, Patriots 24


It's a little hard to pick the Saints with this many points on the board considering we don't know who will be starting at QB or if they'll have their star running back. We do know Chris Olave is legit. Geno Smith and the Seattle offense should come back down to Earth a bit after a wild Week 4 performance but they've proven to be a respectable unit even on their bad days. They'll keep it close on the road. Saints 24, Seahawks 20


Teddy Bridgewater has arguably the best QB nickname in the NFL but that's about it when it comes to above-average attributes for the quarterback. The Dolphins will have him under center when they travel to New York and what we saw from the Bridgewater-led offense last Thursday does not inspire hope. The Jets pulled off a very surprising comeback over a well-coached Steelers team and they'll be at home. It may be a game of field goals but the home team will emerge victorious. Jets 22, Dolphins 16


There was some belief entering this year that the Falcons would be competing for the NFL's worst record yet as we reach the quarter-pole they seem entirely competent. Marcus Mariota does just enough, the ground game isn't horrible and there's a consistent competitive effort. Which means they won't quit down two touchdowns late and the backdoor should remain open. And that's worst-case scenario because Tom Brady has suddenly turned into the guy who disappears to play golf for five hours while shooting a 102 and upsetting his home life. Tampa could remain reeling from a shellacking at the hands of Kansas City and sleepwalk through the first 30 minutes. Do you people see how hard it is to talk yourself into an underdog? Buccaneers 28, Falcons 21


It's never a good sign when your uniform is the highlight of a football Sunday but that's where Carson Wentz & Co. found themselves in Dallas. These are two teams seemingly going in different directions. This is also the NFL where it's never that easy. Going against the gut here because, well, you can see our combined record at the top of this post and there's no reason to be stubborn or proud. Commanders 30, Titans 26


Jacksonville has to be kicking themselves for letting the Philadelphia game get away. No one said a total rebuild wouldn't have some setbacks. And it just seems like Trevor Lawrence is on the right path — as long as he can hold onto the football. Houston was surprisingly gamey after falling down big to the Chargers though lacked the playmakers to complete a comeback. It'll be a white-knuckler but that's why they play the games. Jaguars 24, Texans 14


Baker Mayfield cannot afford to wait any longer to start looking like a decent quarterback. Matt Rhule cannot wait any longer before deciding who should play quarterback. Despite the Niners' win on Monday night, the Jimmy G experience is a known commodity and we're still not sold. Niners 20, Panthers 17

COWBOYS (+4.5) over RAMS

America's Team has a controversy. Dak Prescott or Cooper Rush. How do you choose? Honestly, it doesn't matter who gets the nod. Dallas makes yet another statement against a team just dying to showcase its deficiencies on the big stage. Again. Cowboys 33, Rams 23


Would Kyler Murray be better if he didn't have a head coach? Some are wondering. Philadelphia's feel-good ride goes on the road as heavy favorites and a mercurial opponent. They've done more than enough to warrant such respect. it's just too difficult to trust that the magic will keep on rolling. Cardinals 40, Eagles 37


Baltimore was three yards from beating Buffalo and one Tua pass away from also being undefeated. Cincinnati got right by knocking that pesky lefty out yet still has offensive line problems. Lamar Jackson is going to put up so, so many yards. Ravens 35, Bengals 27


Patrick Mahomes was utterly spectacular in taking down Tom Brady's Bucs on national television, yet. the other issues with the roster remained glaring. They don't matter if Mahomes plays like that all the time, which he is entirely capable of, but he usually saves it until the playoffs and there will be an emotional comedown from a Brady matchup. The Raiders finally got some momentum going against Denver-- enough to make this interesting but not quite enough to take a game from Kansas City at Arrowhead. Chiefs 34, Raiders 30