NFL Week 2 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

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We're onto Week 2 of the NFL season. Week 1 wasn't filled with as much surprise as it often is, but there was enough to trip up even the most seasoned of bettors. Liam McKeone and Kyle Koster finished the first set of games at an even 8-8 record and aim to break .500 this week.

Here are our Week 2 NFL picks and predictions against the spread (all odds via WynnBet).


After months and months of handwringing over how Patrick Mahomes would possibly overcome the departure of Tyreek Hill, he went out in Week 1 and completed 30 of 39 passes for five touchdowns as the Chiefs looked like the most fearsome offense in the NFL. Kansas City also used a trio of running backs to rack up 128 yards as they pantsed the Cardinals on the road in a resounding statement win. Justin Herbert eventually did enough for the Chargers but the inability of his defense to cover Davante Adams is an enormous red flag even sans J.C. Jackson. Hammer the over and feel confident a put-away score tips things comfortably in the home team's direction. Chiefs 38, Chargers 27

BROWNS (-6.5) over JETS

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt may be the 1-2 punch required to tread water until Deshaun Watson can return and Week 1 showed all is not lost in Cleveland, which denied Baker Mayfield his revenge. Joe Flacco threw the ball 59 times for a grand total of nine points which is a tremendously sad sentence. Cleveland gets an early edge and pounds the rock into oblivion in a sleepy affair. Browns 21, Jets 10


Say what you want about Detroit — and we certainly do — but they cover with tremendous regularity. There's no reason to do anything but continue riding them to sweet, sweet cash every Sunday in the early window. Carson Wentz comes back to reality and once again fails to match the production of one Jalen Hurts. Lions 28, Commanders 20


Now is the time Tom Brady needs to escape into his work more than ever and it's downright scary to think of what he'll do this season with a new level of focus. It's not premature to put Tampa Bay on undefeated watch. If its defense continues to allow three points per game, it's all but guaranteed. Buccaneers 23, Saints 3


Brian Daboll got a tabloid backpage celebrating the size of his nuts after his debut. In New York there is truly no higher honor. Look for additional emotional letdown from the fighting Baker Mayfields, who crashed back to earth in disappointing fashion. Giants 28, Panthers 21


Pittsburgh going on the road and turning Joe Burrow into a mere mortal, then persevering with incredible luck made for the early win of the season. That defense will now be without TJ Watt, yet it may not matter against the Patriots, who have a serious problem on their hands in Mac Jones and no firepower. It's an early-must win and Bill Belichick will only emerge grumpier. Steelers 16, Patriots 10


Some idiots wrote on this blog that Indianapolis would be playing in the AFC Championship Game. Those idiots would like to request a mulligan. An opening week stinker against the lowly Texans was proof that all is not well. How could you possibly trust this team to win by more than a field goal? Colts 20, Jaguars 19


Lamar Jackson is going to be making statement all season and is a slightly more difficult challenge than the aforementioned Jones. Miami gets burned badly, like a car left in the muni lot. Ravens 34, Dolphins 16

RAMS (-10) over FALCONS

This is a comically large line considering the Falcons came within two minutes of winning their first game of the season. And yet an offensive explosion from an unhappy Rams offense feels inevitable. Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford will kick-start the team in a dominant victory. Rams 37, Falcons 20

SEAHAWKS (+9.5) over 49ERS

Well, the Seahawks certainly looked a lot better than expected, huh? Geno Smith isn't going to win them a Super Bowl but he appears to be capable of putting forth competent performances, a change-up from when he filled in for Russell Wilson last year. San Fran will take advantage of home field but 9.5 points feels a bit high for what we saw Trey Lance do on Sunday. Plus, these Niners-Hawks games are always competitive and come down to some weird play near the end. 49ers 24, Seahawks 20


Given it's impossible to know what the Cowboys are going to look like without Dak Prescott, it's easy to bet against them. The injuries that are plaguing Dallas coupled with a very pissed off Joe Burrow means points will be scored in bunches by Cincinnati. This is now a bore of a 4pm game that will get approximately six total minutes of RedZone action. Bengals 40, Cowboys 17


Both of these teams had a very weird opening week. The Texans whooped up on the Colts for 40 minutes before collapsing and ultimately settling for a tie. The Broncos... well, you know what happened to the Broncos. This should mark more of a return to normalcy for both squads, but if Russell Wilson was unable to leverage the youth, inexperience, and overall low talent level of Seattle's secondary, he probably won't be able to do it against Houston, either. Ten points is simply too much. Broncos 30, Texans 21


Are the Cardinals going to be bad this year? Not to overreact too much to Week 1 or anything, but they had absolutely no hope trying to stop a Tyreek Hill-less Chiefs offense and couldn't get anything going against a pretty average defense. Las Vegas didn't exactly look dominant in their Week 1 loss but home cooking combined with one or two fewer boneheaded throws from Derek Carr has Josh McDaniels sitting pretty. Raiders 31, Cardinals 25

PACKERS (-10) over BEARS

Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears. Everyone acknowledges this is true. The Bears won their Week 1 game but Week 2 won't be played in a monsoon (presumably). Reminder: Green Bay beat the tar out of Detroit in Week 2 last year after a similarly frustrating loss to open the season. Packers 34, Bears 13

TITANS (+10) over BILLS

It's Buffalo's home opener and the fans will be very, very loud. But Tennessee isn't a pushover and the Bills' offense will probably slow down a touch after an electric opening performance. The Bills defend home field but it isn't the blowout Vegas seems to think it'll be. Bills 31, Titans 24


God help us for getting high on the Minnesota Vikings, but damn if they didn't look spectacular on both sides of the ball in Week 1. Philly, on the other hand, delivered the offensive excellence promised but their defense was... subpar most of the game and they very nearly blew a 17-point lead to the Lions. The Eagles have homefield but we're betting on Kirk Cousins to keep the momentum going for now. Vikings 30, Eagles 27