NFL Script Ripped Off Retiring Groundskeeper / Bad Field Conditions Storyline From 'King of the Hill'


The NFL aired its season finale on Sunday night with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Just a couple weeks after Arian Foster revealed that the NFL was scripted, it seems that the league got lazy with their writing and ripped off a storyline from King of the Hill.

Anyone watching last night would have noticed players slipping all over the place. It was revealed that the the Super Bowl field cost the NFL $800,000. And who was in charge? A groundskeeper named George Toma, who has worked on every Super Bowl field since the first one in 1967. He was set for retirement after this year's game so he was the subject of many profiles last week as people learned about the man known as "The God of Sod" and "The Sodfather."

But wait. This story is starting to sound familiar. An aging, legendary groundskeeper nearing retirement and poor field conditions? It's exactly like the story from Season 9, Episode 9 of King of the Hill, "Care-Takin' Care of Business." (The episode is available on Hulu as well as embedded right here.)

Guest-starring Christopher Lloyd as Smitty, a.k.a, The Wizard of Sod, Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer must fix the Arlen High football field so that their legendary groundskeeper doesn't lose his pension. Hilarity ensued. If only a group of rednecks had ruined the field then we wouldn't have had to sit through that ugly football game where they only scored the second most points in Super Bowl history. Imagine if the game had been played on better grass at a neutral site.

Or maybe the NFL wanted us to see this. Considering the game was on FOX, the station where King of the Hill originally aired, and the timing of this being right after Hulu announced they were doing a reboot, maybe they wanted us to find out.