Mike Francesa Rants About Super Bowl Field: 'The NFL Should Be Embarrassed'

Super Bowl LVII
Super Bowl LVII / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Unfortunately, one of the big talking points throughout Super Bowl LVII and the immediate aftermath was the extremely poor quality of the field. The NFL should absolutely be harpooned for the crappy product they put forth that caused players on both sides to slip and slide all night. It's just a bummer that an otherwise quality Super Bowl (until the last two minutes) was marred by a dumb problem of the league's own making; the grass was reportedly two years in the making and cost the NFL $800,000. They chose to debut new grass (that is apparently more golf grass than football grass!) for the biggest game of the year. There is nobody to blame but the league.

Mike Francesa was one of the many who were quite displeased with the way things played out on that grass last night and ranted about it for a few minutes on his podcast.

It will forever be funny that the NFL made a huge deal out of this freaking grass, to the point that several feature stories were done on the guy who oversaw the project (nicknamed "The Sodfather") and it was an utter catastrophe. This is arguably funnier than the first-down chains breaking twice in two weeks in Philadelphia during the playoffs. Roger Goodell's outfit makes many, many billions of dollars and cannot be trusted to do anything right.

Well, maybe not anything. Their incompetence gave us all a Francesa rant that brings back the glory days when he'd do this for hours at a time on radio. So not all bad.