Apparent Rams New Jerseys Leaked on Reddit

Jared Goff Rams Jersey.
Jared Goff Rams Jersey. / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

UPDATE: The leaks (below) were accurate. Here are the Rams new uniforms.

The Rams' new jerseys are being released today. At least that's what Jared Goff indicated on Twitch yesterday.

You can hear him say tomorrow and then try to backtrack quickly and say this week. But let's assume, for the point of this exercise, that he was being honest and they will be released today.

Of course, we're an impatient species and can't wait until the official jerseys are actually shown by the team. We need to have a sneak preview NOW. Luckily, this sleuth scoured the internet and discovered a few pictures of what is supposed to be the new Rams jerseys and helmets.

If these are real, they're spectacular.

The faded color on the numbers is a nice touch we haven't seen from the Bucs, Falcons, Patriots, Chargers, Colts or Browns, who already released new jerseys this year. The helmet, always a large focus for the Rams, also really pops against the simple jersey.

Here's another view that seems to confirm the blue jersey with the faded numbers.

We're not getting the color rush or the bottoms yet, so it's hard to judge what these will look like when they're fully released. If these two home and away tops are legit, though, the Rams did a bang-up job.

The Rams already unveiled their new logo to mixed reviews and are preparing to move into a new stadium. They cut former star running back Todd Gurley and have a lot of question marks just two years after reaching the Super Bowl. There certainly are a lot of changes in Los Angeles, but these jerseys might be the best part yet.