The Rams' New Logo Would Be Awesome If They Were the Chargers

Liam McKeone
The Chargers, I mean Rams' new logo
The Chargers, I mean Rams' new logo /

The Los Angeles Rams released the re-design of their logo and team name today. Some parts are cool-- the lettering is crisp and the Rams' head alternate logo is pretty sweet. But the main logo, which will be used most prominently in broadcast graphics and on the helmets, falls short of the mark. Not because it's poorly conceived or executed, but because it looks very similar to the main colors and logo of their crosstown rivals, the Chargers.

I mean, how can you think of anything other than "LAC" when you see this? Honestly, it would be a great new logo for the Chargers as they move into a new era post-Philip Rivers. Instead, the Rams have decided that individuality is overrated.

Perhaps the easiest job in the world right now is to be more popular than the Chargers in Los Angeles, and the Rams are putting the very wrong foot forward in their attempts to separate themselves in the eyes of Angelenos who, from the ticket sales struggles of both franchises, don't care too much for football.