Most Likely Landing Spots for Mitch Trubisky in Free Agency

Mitch Trubisky last season.
Mitch Trubisky last season. / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Mitchell Trubisky's time with the Chicago Bears is reportedly over. After trading a lot to move up one spot and select Trubisky with the second pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Bears are moving on after one good season, two decent seasons, one bad season and two playoff losses. The Bears reportedly have their sights set on Russell Wilson, but what is next for Trubisky? Here are five possible free agency destinations for the one-time Pro Bowler.

Washington Football Team

Alex Smith is a free agent. Dwyane Haskins went to Pittsburgh. Taylor Heinicke might be good, but you really don't know after one and a half games. Washington seems to be perenially searching for a new starting quarterback. Trubisky will be just 27 this season. He looked good at times last season. That's more than you can say about most of the Washington quarterbacks over the last few years.

New York Jets

If the Jets decide to get rid of Sam Darnold, they'll need someone to take snaps and see ghosts while they groom the quarterback they're sure to pick No. 2 in the upcoming draft in this scenario. Trubisky could give them a chance to win some games if the rest of the team is decent. The Jets can draft a quarterback and they wouldn't be as beholden or committed to Trubisky as they might have to be to Darnold in a QB competition.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos, clearly not sold on Drew Lock, have pledged to sign a new quarterback. Trubisky is a qaurterback. He is also 6-foot-2. If he puts on some tall shoes and stands next to John Elway, he'll get Elway's attention. Trubisky could easily beat out Lock in training camp and be the Broncos starter come September.

San Francisco 49ers

Back in 2017, the Niners had the second pick in the draft, which they traded to the Bears for a bunch of picks. What if the Niners kind of liked Trubisky, even if they had no intention of drafting him? Especially when the Bears offered them a deal they couldn't turn down? What if they still like him? It's not like he hasn't shown flashes of competence. Maybe Trubisky could be great in Kyle Shanahan's offense.

Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson is done in Houston, no matter what Jack Easterby and his hand-picked underlings have to say about it. They have proven they will acquiesce to a trade request from a high-level player. It's just a matter of time as they search for the right Yes Quarterback Man and can pretend to justify trading Watson. So why not grab a guy from the same draft class?