Mike Greenberg: Adam Gase Unqualified to Coach Youth Football Team

Mike Greenberg hates Adam Gase as a coach.
Mike Greenberg hates Adam Gase as a coach. / Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Noted New York Jets loyalist Mike Greenberg has seen enough. I mean, he saw enough last year too, but after the Jets' embarrassing 27-17 loss against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, Greeny is ready to demote Adam Gase to the netherworlds of youth football coaching.

Actually, on second thought, Greeny doesn't think that's low enough. According to him, Gase isn't qualified to coach a fifth-grade team.

While I love the image of Gase getting out-coached at the fifth-grade level, this simply isn't true. He's certainly qualified to coach youth football. I might even let him coach my high school squad. College and pros? Not so much.

Jokes aside, firing Adam Gase seems like the only logical step for the Jets. He's an offensive coach who can't coach offense. The Jets ranked No. 31 in the NFL in scoring in 2019 with 17.2 points per game and scored 17 points to open the season against the Bills, with seven of those points coming on a garbage-time 69-yard screen play that went for a touchdown because of a few missed tackles.

Quarterback Sam Darnold has regressed under Gase's tutelage (don't forget, Gase used to be a QB coach) and Le'Veon Bell has spent more time discussing his personal issues with Gase than he has celebrating touchdowns. The whole thing is a disaster and, as the head coach and offensive mastermind of the whole thing, most of the blame has to fall on Gase.

Jets fans are ready for a fresh start with a new coach and likely a new group of free agents and rookies taking the place of those who have suffered through the last 17 regular-season games with Gase as their coach. Greeny speaks for them when he says Gase is the problem. I doubt many would want him coaching their kid either.