Mike Francesa Made One Last Bad Call on Final Show

Mike Francesa.
Mike Francesa. / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Mike Francesa limped to the finish of a hall-of-fame career in sports radio. His final few months were rife with bad takes and silly mistakes, the latter of which was usually brought to the public's attention by Funhouse on Twitter.

Francesa abruptly announced Friday's show would be his last at WFAN after 33 years on the job. Well, he went out on a low, predicting the Jets would never get two first-round picks for Jamal Adams just a few hours before the Jets got two first-rounders, a third-rounder and more for Adams from the Seahawks.

This was the perfect encapsulation of the end of his career. He made an uneducated call based on whatever was in his head rather than insider information, and was proven terribly wrong within 24 hours. No one cared because his viewership was down at the end, but I still felt obligated to post about it because of who he is.

Despite the shaky end, you can't take away everything Francesa accomplished in his career. Along with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Francesa made sports talk radio a must-listen for thousands of New Yorkers. Even after breaking up with Mad Dog, Francesa was still the king of New York sports radio until he was unseated by Michael Kay and his YES/ESPN team this year. That's a long run at the top.

At his best, Francesa was controversial and informed. He was a homer but didn't let local teams off the hook. His accent and attitude were quintessential New York. But in the end, after decades of doing the same job, he got lazy and his schtick got stale. It was obvious he didn't care anymore and his audience dwindled because they didn't care either. Still, he gave us something to talk about right up until the end, even if it was a poorly-timed mistake.