Funhouse Twitter Account Will Post Mike Francesa Clips Again

Mike Francesa at the Radio Hall of Fame Class Of 2019 Induction Ceremony
Mike Francesa at the Radio Hall of Fame Class Of 2019 Induction Ceremony / Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mike Francesa is once again allowing people to post clips from his show online and a certain Twitter account has decided to post them again.

After a two-week crusade to stop anyone from posting his content -- mainly aimed at the Funhouse Twitter account (@BackAftaThis) -- Francesa relented (but not before he laid the blame at the feet of Entercom). Initially, Funhouse claimed it wouldn't post his clips anymore even after the veteran radio host gave up his battle. That has now changed.

On Wednesday, the account posted the following after asking followers if it should start posting Francesa clips again:

If you can't read that, here's a transcription:

"Yes, I said I wouldn't go back to this. Mike overreacted when he banned me from posting his clips (a decision he reversed two weeks later), and then I overreacted by letting my pride get in the way. We're both too sensitive.... big deal. But it seems like I'd be more of a fraud for turning my back on the followers I've gained DUE TO posting Mike's clips, compared to changing my position on it. This is just a hobby. I don't profit from it. All I ever wanted to do was tweet some entertaining crap now and then. If posting Mike's clips will help give everyone a laugh, especially right now when the world kinda sucks, who am I to deprive people of that? Let me be crystal clear about one thing, however, Mike's show is awful. You can find tweets of me saying that going back two years. It's literally painful to sit though every day, just to grab one or two funny clips. But it's what I do. It's what people expect. Just please understand that the man works only 90 minutes per day. 70 minutes after commercials. 35 minutes after the long, boring daily interview he does during the portion of the show, which I never even listen to. Coming up with tweet-worthy clips from 35 minutes of content is not easy. Many days there will be nothing to post. As I mentioned the other day, a big catalyst for me rethinking this was getting a taste of despicable, deceitful Colin Cowherd day after day. The grass isn't always greener when you decide to cover other hosts. Mike may be a jerk at times, but he's OUR jerk."



Following Funhouse's posts about Francesa's show is a blast. And, frankly, it's great publicity for Francesa. Someone around him must have realized that and convinced him to reverse his moronic decision to ban the account from using his show's clips.