Mets and Phillies Fans Brawl at Citi Field

Ryan Phillips
Mets and Phillies fans brawl at Citi Field
Mets and Phillies fans brawl at Citi Field /

Another day, another fan brawl. The New York Mets are hosting the Philadelphia Phillies in a doubleheader on Friday evening and their fans are taking the rivalry seriously. A group of fans from each team got into it in the stands.

Here's video of the incident:

The Mets fan here took a cheap shot at the Phillies fan and tried to walk away, then it devolved into a bigger fight. It looks like the Phillies fans landed the cleaner shots, and controlled the action. I'm scoring it 10-9 for the Phils.

This is just the latest in a long string of big fights between fans around the sports world. From NBA fan fights to Dodgers fans seemingly fighting everyone, the post-pandemic sports world has seen a litany of brawls.

Hopefully this is a passing thing due to pent up energy following a global pandemic.