Internet Earnestly Wonders if Floyd Mayweather Actually Knocked Out Logan Paul and No One Noticed

Stephen Douglas
Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul had a very profitable exhibition boxing match on Sunday. Both guys made a lot of money and proved themselves to be the kings of celebrity boxing. The actual fight didn't feature many notable fight highlights, but a new conspiracy born on Twitter wonders what if there was actually a knockout and nobody noticed?

This appears to have started in the replies to a Jake Paul tweet about his brother winning the fight.

The video was then ripped and posted to a two-year old account called StockzNCrypto and really took off with nearly 25k retweets and almost 90k likes.

These videos were then turned into content sites like the New York Post.

The main thing that most of these people are ignoring is the fact that this isn't some weird, never-before-seen angle. This was video from the actual broadcast of the fight that everyone was watching. It's a six-second clip showing Paul taking a punch and then collapsing on Mayweather to tie him up and save himself from further punishment. Those few seconds kind of make it look like Mayweather is supporting him as if he bet on the fight going the full 8 rounds and didn't want Paul to get knocked out.

This is absolutely insane as Mayweather would have to find someone willing to take a bet where Mayweather had to do nothing to win. Plus, Mayweather threw a few good shots in there for someone who had to be certain that his opponent wouldn't quit.

Then there's the part where this is literally just the video of the fight that millions(?) of people were watching and there were broadcasters calling the fight and they were fairly critical of Paul and seemed thrilled whenever he got hit. You don't think Desus and Mero would have been screaming if Paul stumbled back to his corner? Or, you know, fallen onto the ground when the bell rang because he had been knocked out? It's like posting this video and saying Mayweather was out on his feet and the fight should have been stopped.

So no, Floyd Mayweather did not knock out Logan Paul. If he did, even by accident, we probably would have noticed when it happened.