Photo of LeBron James Breaking NBA Scoring Record Is Absolutely Epic

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages

LeBron James broke the NBA's all-time scoring record Tuesday night, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's mark of 38,387 points. LeBron did so on a fadeaway jumper in the third quarter of the Lakers' 133-130 loss to the Thunder. The record-breaking shot was captured in a number of photos, one of which will remain iconic for years. That shot, from Andrew D. Bernstein is absolutely brilliant for a ton of reasons.

Here's the shot in question:

The first thing that makes this great is the action. The shot perfectly captures the moment the ball leave's James' fingertips. He's beaten his defender and created the space to get the shot off and is able to get a clean look. Teammate Thomas Bryant optimistically calls for the ball after getting excellent post position but, come on Thomas, The King has a record to break. That shot is going up.

The other remarkable thing about this photo is how everyone in the crowd has their phone trained on James, recording the historic moment. That is, all except one man in the front row. You see him there, the white-haired man in the black suit sitting next to LeBron's sons Bronny and Bryce. That's Nike founder Phil Knight. He decided to watch this historic moment with his actual eyes. Kudos, Phil.

Another look:

Not only does the photo capture an epic moment in NBA history, it also has a bit of a commentary on society. Well done Mr. Bernstein. Well done, indeed.

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