Lamar Jackson: Antonio Brown the 'Type of Guy' Ravens Need in Their Locker Room

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Despite everything that has occurred over the last 11 months, Antonio Brown is still being considered by NFL teams. The rumor mill of a few months ago suggested the Baltimore Ravens might be interested in bringing him aboard, which made some sense given Brown is cousins with Marquise Brown. Family will vouch for family, no matter what. That's the main lesson of the Fast & Furious franchise.

The Ravens shot that report down, but may have to do it all over again after Lamar Jackson expressed his desire to have Brown as a teammate during his first press conference of the year today. Specifically, he said Brown was the "type of guy" the Ravens need in their locker room. Not even want, but need.

So, going by that logic, the Ravens need a guy in their locker room who throws phallic-shaped gummies at the mother of his child when she shows up at his house. They need a guy who was sentenced to two years' probation after pleading no contest to battery charges from a moving truck driver. They need a guy who was accused of three separate accounts of sexual assault and rape by a former trainer, then sent threatening emails after the fact. They need a guy who threw furniture out of a window and nearly hit a child. They need a guy who has melted down in a very public manner time after time in just a year's span.

That's the same guy? That's the type of guy Jackson wants in the Ravens' locker room? Cool. Just checking.