Antonio Brown Films Bizarre Confrontation With Police, Ex-Girlfriend

Ryan Glasspiegel
Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Antonio Brown has been melting down with alarming regularity over the past year and even dating back beyond that. Today, the free agent wide receiver filmed a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss. The two have three children together, and this dispute apparently stems from Brown's belief that she was trying to wrongfully take one of his luxury cars when picking the children up from his house to bring them to school.

As police were on the scene, Brown live-streamed the encounter on his Instagram. Here is a snippet:

As TMZ notes, there was also a moment where Brown threw a bag of penis-shaped gummies at Kyriss and told her to have a bag of dicks.

It goes without saying that the totality of Brown's behavior has been alarming. Hopefully there can be an intervention before things get worse.