Kyrie Irving Goes After Stephen A. Smith on Twitter: 'We Know You STEPHEN' [UPDATE]

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

All of the excitement about Kyrie Irving on Monday was ultimately for naught as news broke that the point guard planned to opt into the last year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets and stay put for now. It was a disappointing result after the rumor mill suggested Irving would actually consider taking a $30 million pay cut and join the Los Angeles Lakers just to prove a point to the Nets. But that's sort of the Kyrie Irving experience, isn't it?

The fun variable of this particular Irving debacle has been his newfound willingness to engage with the media online. Yesterday he called out Complex and Barstool Sports. Today, he took aim at Stephen A. Smith.

This is presumably in response to the video the ESPN analyst posted after hearing Irving would return to Brooklyn.

One can see why Irving took issue with it. Like most of Smith's criticism of the point guard over the last 15 or so months, it's unapologetically harsh.

Per usual, though, it's a bit difficult to parse out Irving's point. I guess he's saying Stephen A. isn't acting his age? But then the sentence about his father and uncles seems to imply that they act like Stephen A. does, which makes the criticism confusing.

Looks like we need a Kyrie Irving interpreter on retainer.

UPDATE: Stephen A. Smith responded swiftly and decisively. Less than one hour after Irving's tweet, Smith posted the following: