Kyrie Irving Calls Out Barstool Sports on Twitter

Liam McKeone
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving / Amy Sussman/GettyImages

The drama surrounding Kyrie Irving and what free agency will bring for the Brooklyn Nets is nearing its apex. It's only Monday and we've gotten reports that the team has given Irving permission to seek sign-and-trade options, an Adrian Wojnarowski tweet that nobody in the NBA is interested in that besides the Los Angeles Lakers (and the Nets don't want what they're offering), and that Brooklyn is now prepared for the possibility of losing both Irving and Kevin Durant.

It's been a busy one. And Irving, who is not terribly active online, has decided to start making his voice heard via his social channels. He commented on a Complex Instagram post and then called out Barstool Sports, of all companies, responding to a tweet making fun of his career journey.

All of this is getting unbelievable. Of all tweets to respond to! Barstool Sports loves making fun of high-profile individuals and revels in the backlash that accompanies it, especially when that backlash comes from the individual in question. Irving engages and then doesn't even take issue with the part of the tweet that labels him a team-wrecker! Good lord, man.

Irving is just setting the PR playbook on fire at this point. But then again, what else is new?