Who Said It: Kyrie Irving or a Character from 1990's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Movie?

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Kyrie Irving has a penchant for deep, contemplative thoughts that that may or may not have been rejected by the motivational poster factory. Most recently he told Yahoo!'s Shams Charania, "Normal people keep the world going, but those who dare to be different lead us into tomorrow." Irving apparently considers opting-in to the final year of a contract he signed which will pay him $37 million to play basketball his version of daring to be different.

Of course, Kyrie Irving is not the first incredibly talented character with a unique skillset to have had trouble fitting in and finding acceptance in New York City. Take the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for example. Specifically the characters in the 1990 motion picture.

It should come as no surprise that some lines from the movie could easily be confused with something Kyrie might post on social media. Can you tell the difference between a quote from the first TMNT movie and something Kyrie has posted? Test yourself below!

Kyrie Irving or a Character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Ah, a fellow chucker, eh? [ANSWER]

I am just a speck in the universe, what do I know. [ANSWER]

In this, you must never lapse. Even those who would be our allies, would not understand. Our domain is the shadow; stray from it reluctantly, for when you do, you must strike hard and fade away, without a trace. [ANSWER]

Ultimate mastering comes not from the body, but from the mind. Together, there is nothing your four minds cannot accomplish. Help each other, draw upon one another, and always remember the power that binds you. [ANSWER]

Possess the right thinking. Only then can one receive the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace. I have tried to channel your anger, Raphael, but more remains. Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy. You are unique among your brothers, for you choose to face this enemy alone. But as you face it, do not forget them, and do not forget me. I am here, my son. [ANSWER]

Family? Is that what you said? Family? You call this here and that down there, family? [ANSWER]

Living in The Age of No more secrets. No one can hide their hands anymore. Pay close attention, Everything is a chess move. The TRUTH vs THE LIE. [ANSWER]

Wise man say: "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza." [ANSWER]

Something much worse comes for you. For when you die, it will be without honor. [ANSWER]

I thought Mother Earth belonged to the people. Why am I paying to live here? Oh let me guess, “because that’s just how things are”. Lol FOH [ANSWER]