Kyle Brandt Doesn't Understand #FreeOBJ

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Odell Beckham Jr. is taking his time before hand-picking his next situation now that he cleared waivers and is no longer a member of the Cleveland Browns. This should make the guys who wore "FREE ODELL" shirts over the weekend breathe a sigh of relief. The question is, what was the point of the shirts?

Today on Good Morning Football Kyle Brandt did an excellent job voicing the dismay of anyone who didn't understand the "movement."

A lot of excellent points. Beckham was not in a bad spot in Cleveland, it just didn't work out. When he was finally healthy enough to play this season Baker Mayfield threw him the ball an average of 6-plus times a game in his first four games. Then things fell apart again, his dad and LeBron James complained and he was waived.

It never even felt like the Browns wanted to keep him. Obviously, he's a tantalizing prospect for many teams as the distant memories of his incredible catches are recent enough to exist in high definition. Whether that guy even still exists remains to be seen, but to act like he's in distress here has to be a joke. I mean, you can still buy FREE OBJ shirts that are for his time in Cleveland. It's clear that everyone just wants to Make Odell Beckham Great Again. I wonder if there's a shirt for that.