Kristin Cavallari Reportedly Felt Jay Cutler Was 'Lazy' and 'Unmotivated'

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JDRF LA's 12th Annual Imagine Gala / Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images

Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavallari are getting a divorce. Previously, the craziest part of the Cutler - Cavallari breakup was the fact that the couple was stuck in the Bahamas for weeks when the world stopped turning. Whatever happened there, things quickly fell apart when they returned to the mainland. Within weeks Cavallari announced their breakup and accused Cutler of inappropriate marital conduct. Now she's back with some bombshell accusations on Page Six of the New York Post:

""After his broadcasting career faltered, the ever-ambitious Cavallari, who announced in late April that the pair were splitting, found him “unmotivated” and even “lazy” — while he found that he had a penchant for hanging out with their three kids and menagerie of animals on their Tennessee farm.""

That actually sounds good? Who would she rather have spending time with her kids and animals? Plus, pushing somebody who earned over $112 million playing a dangerous game for a decade into another line of work seems kind of cruel. What he did wasn't the most important thing in the world, but if he just wanted to sit around with his kids and animals after that, he's certainly earned the right.

"“She was growing increasingly impatient with him. He was supposed to take this big job at Fox Sports and have a life after football that would get him up off the couch and do something. Instead, he backed out — this is [three] years ago — and joined the [Miami] Dolphins. That didn’t pan out well, and he was left with no TV gig until she got the show for them.”"

Reality television star wants spouse to get a real job is certainly the kind of story we need more of in 2020. Maybe when the NFL finally comes back, Cutler can find a job and everyone - kids, adults and animals included - will be happy.