Knicks Release Statement Calling Spike Lee's Claims 'Laughable', Complete With Picture Evidence

Spike Lee
Spike Lee / Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

The New York Knicks have yet another controversy on their hands today after security got into a tiff with noted superfan and rather famous person Spike Lee at last night's Knicks-Rockets game.

Lee, a longtime season ticket-holder and staple of Madison Square Garden, was asked to use another entrance while trying to get into the game. Lee was not pleased, and the video of his shouting match with security made the rounds. Many assumed Lee had not been let into the game and would be treated the same way fellow Knicks legend Charles Oakley was a few years ago, when owner James Dolan had Oakley escorted from the premises. Later that night, the Knicks released a statement via a spokesperson saying Lee had attempted to use the wrong entrance, but shook hands with Dolan at halftime and all was well.

On Tuesday morning, Lee went on First Take to refute that explanation. The Knicks, in a stunning turn of events, didn't come off great in Lee's re-telling of the incident. Lee said the whole situation was a "Garden spin" and in no way did he shake hands with Dolan, nor should he be considered at fault.

Right on cue, the Knicks released a statement from their official PR account calling Lee's claims "laughable", complete with blurry pictures of Dolan and Lee shaking hands. Spicy!

This statement comes off as more laughable than Lee's tirade on ESPN this morning. The pictures are just outstanding. How is it possible that this organization continues to top their previous records of absurd decisions? When will it end?

Talk about a disaster of a situation. Right when Knicks fans think things couldn't possibly get worse, the team gets into a very public spat with their most visible fan and supporter who has apparently paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, year after year, to sit courtside and watch the Knicks lose. You'd think the guy deserves some leeway, but these are Dolan's Knicks.