Spike Lee Was NOT Denied Entry to Madison Square Garden by James Dolan or the New York Knicks on Monday

Spike Lee attends a Knicks game earlier this season.
Spike Lee attends a Knicks game earlier this season. / James Devaney/Getty Images

Spike Lee has not been banned from Madison Square Garden, despite online rumors that James Dolan wanted the world's most famous Knicks fan in the building for New York's game against the Houston Rockets on Monday night.

A video made the rounds on Twitter this evening saying, "Director Spike Lee denied entry to MSG. Rumors are circulating that MSG CEO James Dolan didn’t want the famed director to enter." The video was first posted on the @BroTalkLivePod, a Twitter account with 36 followers. The video, which shows someone shouting about being arrested like Charles Oakley, was eventually shared by Barstool Sports and retweeted by Rex Chapman.

Unfortunately for anyone who loves the Knicks' dysfunction, Lee was not denied entry. In fact, he was in his usual seat during the game. If that video is of Lee, the confrontation may have had to do with new entry rules at Madison Square Garden.

UPDATE: It was a misunderstanding about what entrance he could use.