The Sacramento Kings Want to Be Tough Guys Now

Milwaukee Bucks v Sacramento Kings
Milwaukee Bucks v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center on Monday night, 113-124. A high-scoring and entertaining game was marred by an incident in the final seconds when Brook Lopez took exception to Trey Lyles pushing Giannis Antetokounmpo. Looking at the replay, it looks like some pretty straightforward sour grapes as the Kings failed to light the beam for the home fans, but to hear Sacramento's side of things, Giannis is the bad guy.

Starting with De'Aaron Fox who said, "Giannis can just dribble the ball out. That's all he had to do and nothing would have happened."

That is an absolutely wild take on what happened. Giannis was absolutely dribbling the ball out when Lyles shoved him. But to hear Lyles tell it, Giannis escalated things when he "crossed in front" of him, which is not cool.

That was good enough for Domantas Sabonis who said that the team had Lyles' back after he "didn't like what was happening."

Coach Mike Brown was also unapologetic saying, "We ain't taking no shit from nobody."

What are we even talking about here? Giannis was absolutely dribbling the ball out to end the game. Maybe if Lyles hadn't had his head down - because his team had just lost and given up 46 to Giannis - he would have seen him dribbling and not gotten offended.

Why can't these fun young teams like the Grizzlies and now the Kings just be young and fun? What is the rush to be tough guys who are sick of perceived disrespect that does not yet exist? Just chill out. The Kings are about to make the playoffs for the first time in literal decades and you've got journeyman Trey Lyles shoving the face of the league while he's dribbling out the clock. Don't make people root against you when you don't want to.